The Missing Girl

The Missing Girl,

By Jenny Quintana,

Publisher, Pan.

Hardcover £7.94

Paperback £5.98

Kindle £0.98.

I love the cover of this book, it’s eye-catching and it has the mysterious feel to it.

The story is about childhood,love and loss. The chapters alternate between past (1982) and present, and the disappearance of a teenage daughter called Gabriella. Although Anna was only young when her beloved sister disappeared, she is unable to deal with the trauma and pain, so she built a new life for herself abroad as soon as she was able to.

When her mother dies 30 years on, she has to return to her old childhood home and sort through the house and the possessions, including her sister’s old bedroom that holds lots of memories, that’s when it hits her that she’s going to have to confront the main reason why she left in the first place… her sister’s disappearance and the awful memories of how fractured her family became after Gabriella went missing. No one knew what happened to her, but now Anna is back, it’s up to her to find the answers.

This book is full of mystery and suspense, but most of all, sadness. The whole book was well written and the characters were defined very well.

The ending was unexpected.


Fright Night and watching The Exorcist in London

I have had the most amazing couple of days this week. On Tuesday evening I went to cursed with Ben and my little brother. It was a great experience. For those of you who don’t know what it is or have never been, there were six mazes,. You choose them in any order you like and you make your way through a maze whilst people dressed up jump out and scare you… as most of you know, I love my horror stuff so I was in my element there.

Our six mazes were called: Toy shop, Nagg Inn, Festival, Work Chop, Cell 13 and Contamin. this is the order we went in with them. I have never been before and I was good not to do my research, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The first maze we went in, there was these two crash mats type thing that were quite close together and you have to squeeze through the gap,. Every maze was dark and you were meant to hold onto the person in front of you so you don’t lose anyone in your group. In other mazes there were those ugly scary porcelain dolls and plastic gooey snakes hanging down, toys that moved and the corridors were twisting and turning. Unfortunately, we put my brother in the front and he managed to turn the wrong way in nearly every single maze and got us lost! I’m so pleased I have finally gone on one and the three of us are hoping to do Scaresville and Cursed again next year!! I think I may have got the bug for them.

On Wednesday evening, me and Ben went to London to see The exorcist as a belated birthday present from me. Like normal with me, because I’m a little bit ditsy and my memory is so amazing, I spent the first ten minutes, from the moment I left the house wondering where I had put my phone and very nearly went back for it. I then decide to find it where I had actually put it… In the car door! Though I managed to keep my tube ticket the whole time, and it worked the whole time I needed it too! I was very proud of myself. We had an amazing time and again there have been no reviews or mini clips of what to expect, so we went into the unknown. I have seen bits of the film but never actually managed to sit through the whole thing, I couldn’t believe how dark it was in some places. The whole atmosphere was amazing and just as we were all getting settled for it to start, there was a loud BANG and all the lights switched off, that got everyone’s attention! The show was so well done and it was well worth the money to watch it. The Theatre was quite small so I think that gave a slight edge. From the bits I’ve seen from the film, most of it was in the show. It was so amazing!